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CutmasterCM500BC Stainless Steel Bowl Cutter with Hydraulic Unloader

CutmasterCM500BC Stainless Steel Bowl Cutter with Hydraulic Unloader

Catalog No.: 2406
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1 Year limited warranty.

Bowl capacity: 500 liters.

Stainless steel made bowl lid

Hydraulic 400 lb buggy loader (electric operation unloader motor power 1.5 kW)

Hydraulically operated unloader, standard mounted on the right side of the bowl cutter.

Blades: 6 cutting speed and 2 mixing speed (reverse direction).
Supplied with 6 mounted knives and with all accessories.

Bowl: 2 speed with independent drive.
Knives axis provided with an adjustable and balanced dynamic system (the manufacturer knife balance is 1mm between the knives and bowl's surface).
Standard knives tangential real speed: 115m/sec, 117.6 kW
Bowl motor power: 1.5/2.2 kW
Hydraulic motor power: 1.1 (+ opt)/3 kW
Max amperage with knives motor for 115 m/sec (480V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø): 187 amps
Knives motor speed (115 m/sec): 6 of 800 to 2,730 RPM, 2 inverse of 150 and 350 RPM
Bowl speed: 7.5/15 RPM

Definitive stop of knives is made in 3 seconds (according to CE norms).

Knife head cover is hydraulically operated.

All drives are three-phase motors.

All modes are controlled by microprocessor.
Control panel consists of a touch screen and key pad 9possibility of storing 99 operating modes)
The entire production process is automated.
Automatic stop depending on temperature and operating time.
Air entrance equipped with 2 electro valves.
The electrical cabinet - built external to the machine and the cabinet housing is made from stainless steel. Protection class - IP65.

Easy cleaning of the equipment due to the high-quality surface treatment. All corners are rounded and polished. The main cover is made without screws or places where dirt can accumulate. A drain hole is provided in the bowl to facilitate the cleaning.

High-strength soundproof cover in stainless steel is fitted with a viewing window. The downside of machine bench is closed with stainless steel sheet.

This bowl cutter is engineered in our Europe manufacturing facility and is made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
The machine is suitable for processing a wide range of products in vacuum. Using high cutting speeds modes produced: crushed to the required consistency of the meat, foie-gras, fine paste and emulsion. By using low-velocity modes can be joined pieces of meat, mushrooms, olives, cheese or any other product, without interrupting the cycle.

Bowl capacity is determined by the product weight and if it is a flowable product (lots of liquid) or a much denser product like meat or cheese. You can usually use 75% of the bowl capacity. 200lrt x 75% = 150ltr. The average weight of a liter of meat is 2lbs x 150ltr = 300lbs batches.

Overall dimensions: +/- 161" L x 102" W x 134" H (4100 x 2595 x 3400mm)

Overall weight: +/- 16006 lbs (7260 kg)


Additional knives and spacers

Water supply programmable system

Twin hydraulic loader-lift of 2 units 200L bins consecutively

Tachometer lap account

140m/sec Knife speed, 132.5 kW
Max amperage with knives motor for 140 m/sec (480V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø): 209 amps
Knives motor speed (140 m/sec): 6 of 800 to 3,820 RPM, 2 inverse of 150 and 350 RPM

Installation and start-up



Cutmaster CM200BC Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper - Boneless Meat Demo
Cutmaster CM200BC Bowl Chopper - Boneless Meat Demo