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Marinating Injectors

Brine pumps / pickling and injecting of brine marinate into beef, pork, chicken or fish can add flavor, moisture and increase the yield of your product. MPBS Industries located in Los Angeles California sells various styles of brine pumps / pickling and marinating injectors. We carry hand brine pump marinate injectors and electric powered brine pump / pickling injectors with single marinate injector needles to multiple needle marinating injectors. MPBS Industries also sells large industrial size brine pumps / pickling injectors used in medium to very large processing plants. We offer parts and service for Fomaco pickling / marinating injectors, Germo marinating injectors, Gunther brine pumps / pickling marinating injectors, Presto brine pumps, Pokomat brine pumps / marinating pickling injectors, Protecon marinating needle injectors, Schroder brine pumps / marinating pickling injectors, Seydelmann marinate needle injectors, and Townsend brine pumps / marinate needle injectors. If you don’t see the size or style of the brine pumps / pickling marinating injector you need, please call our office and we can special order them for you. We also offer parts worldwide and local service in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. All specifications are subject to change without notice. The injectors should be cleaned after every use.