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SkyfoodAMP-400E Doughball Opener Flattner and Former

SkyfoodAMP-400E Doughball Opener Flattner and Former

Catalog No.: 3028
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Stainless steel construction
Maximum pie diameter: +/- 15-3/4"
Up to 240 pies/hour
Diameter markings on plate
Safety switch stops operation when front panel is removed
Hassle-Free and easy to operate
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Anti-Slip and height adjustable legs
Preserves dough flavor

Comes with 4 plates in different diameter: 10", 12", 14", and 15-3/4"

Electrical: 115 V / 60 Hz / 1 Ø, 6.03 amps
Power rating: 1/2 HP

Height: +/- 29-3/4"
Width: +/- 27-3/4"
Depth: +/- 23-1/4"

Net Weight: +/- 135.00 lb
Gross Weight: +/- 155.00 lb

No more hard work! These innovative Pizza Dough Openers offers more convenience
for the daily routine of pizzaolos. They allow the process of making pizzas to be more efficient
yet keeping the same precision and traditional flavor as those of master pizzaolos. These unique
hands-free Pizza Dough Openers open a dough ball into a pie in just 5 seconds.


AMP-400E Doughball Opener Flattner Former - Pizza Dough Demo