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Poly Nylon Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Packaging Machines are use to prolong the shelf life of many food products. To do that you need to put food items like meat, fruits or vegetables in pouches like the one we have on this section. Then put the item inside the Vacuum Packaging Machines. Here are the vacuum chamber machines we carry: Belted Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines, Continuous Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines, Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines, Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines, Table-Top Vacuum Packaging Machines. Some vacuum machines don't have a chamber which are called Nozzle Vacuum Packaging Machine. The machines sucks the air out of the bag and seal it. The Safe Handling Label Preprinted Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags have printing "Safe Handling Instruction" already printed on the poly nylon vacuum pouches. It’s gravure printing so the lettering will not rub off or come in contact with the food content inside the poly nylon vacuum pouch. Zipper Style with Tear Notch Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags has high barrier material perfect for jerky or deli products. Boilable Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags can be used with all vacuum chamber machines. These poly nylon vacuum pouches was designed for boil and serve products. It’s ideal for food service or catering. Bags are approved for use up to 212°F. Gold Metallic Poly Nylon Vacuum Pouches can be used with all chamber machines. These pouches are designed for fresh and frozen foods. Ideal for jerky and deli meats, sausages. The pouches provide eye-appeal and product enhancement. Standard Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags can be used in all chamber machines; Designed for fresh and frozen food - smooth products only. The most cost effective of all the bags we have. Micro Layered Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags work with most snorkel vac, or external clamp vacuum machines such as the Mini Vac, the Professional, or the Best Vac (not the Vacmaster). These pouches was designed for fresh and frozen foods - smooth products only. The layer of mesh inside ½ of the pouch draws air out of the clamped end. All our 3 mil and 4 mil vacuum pouches have 9 layers. These Nine-Layer Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches (3-Sided, 3/8 inch sealed) are immediately available in 3 popular mil thicknesses: Nominal 3 mil (our “ValuePouch” line), 3mil High Nylon content and can be sold as boilable pouches (our “DeluxePouch” line), 4 mil high nylon content which can also be sold as boilable pouches. Our new nominal 3mil Value Vacuum Pouches is the latest product line in our growing vacuum pouches/vacuum bags business. These Value Vacuum Bags leads the market in cost effectiveness, quality (9 layers, co-extruded and high nylon content), and availability. We stock these poly nylon vacuum pouches in our Los Angeles location. We can customize pouches base on the customer needs. Whether adding custom prints, zipper closure, barrier, etc. Use our Value Vacuum Bags to packaged meats, cheeses, seafood and other perishable products. Count on vacuum pouches product line for consistent quality and value. All MPBS Poly Nylon Vacuum Pouches are Co-Extruded with FDA-Approved resins. We’re starting to produce some 3mil and 4mil Poly Nylon/EVOH pouches with hang holes, tear notches and zipper closers for your spice and jerky customers. Sizes will be limited at first until we find out what our distributors needs are. For any question regarding our vacuum pouches or packaging please call our main office 323-268-8514.