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Steel It Coatings

Steel It Coatings USDA approved coating for machinery and structures. Industrial strength coatings of high leafing stainless steel in selected machines for use in areas subject to incidental food contact. 100% stainless steel flakes rise to the surface and overlap when applied, forming a layer of protective metal. The base resin protects the object underneath. Some of our products includes: Steel-It #6811 Epoxy Reducer, General Purpose Paint (Gallon, Quart), Steel-It #1002 Polyurethane General Purpose Spray Can, Heat Resistant Spray Can, Steel-It Lead Free Epoxy Primer #4210, Steel It General Purpose Primer #2203.

STEEL-IT is commonly used on:
•Ovens (external application)
•Fermentation tanks (external)
•Vat/Tank exteriors
•Structural steel
•Packaging equipment
•Industrial refrigerators

Leading food and beverage companies specify STEEL-IT to protect their equipment because STEEL-IT:

•Maximizes equipment life, even under punishing conditions
•Is faster than other corrosion-resistant coatings and enamels to apply and to cure
•Lasts longer, 5 years or more in most environments.