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Dexter Russell Cutlery

The professional edge since 1818.

The Dexter manufacturing process is committed to crafting products of consistent quality and dependability...all at unmatched value.

Our 200 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to produce superior cutting edges that are sharp out-of-the-box, long-lasting, and easily restored. Our manufacturing process involves:

Blade Formation: Blades are created through laser cutting or the traditional blanking process. The blade shape is created and the scrap "skeleton" is recycled.

Heat Treatment: Controlled heating and cooling are used to create a small, tight grain structure thus producing a blade that is extremely strong, wear-resistant, and with just-right flexibility.

Precision Edge Grinding: Accurate and consistent grinding creates specific flex points so blades flex precisely where they should.

DEXSTEEL: Enhances sharpness, edge-holding, corrosion resistance, and ease of re-sharpening. Creates a finer grain structure enhancing edge sharpness and life. Increases hardenability and tensile strength for durability and toughness.