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Bowl Choppers

MPBS Industries offers several bowl choppers and bowl cutters to help customers expand product line, increase revenue and reduce labor costs. Products are bowl chopper with or without unloaded, stainless steel bowl cutter with hydraulic unloaded and vacuum stainless steel bowl cutter with hydraulic unloaded. Compare with the original k15e, k30e, k50neo, k80neo, k120neo, k200neo, CM300BC and CM200BC bowl chopper and cutter, the new generation CM200VBC, CM300VBC and CM500VBC are not only used to chop or emulsify various meats, cheeses, vegetables, nuts and fish, but also added up with vacuum equipment to further limit the bacteria and protect the color, quality of the products at the same time. New design of the machine also allows simpler and less expensive machine maintenance. Please feel free to contact our professional sales and service staff to answer any questions you have.