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Smoke House Accessories

MPBS Industries sells different kinds of Smokehouse for smoking different types of meat. Our main brand is FlavorCook Smokehouse. To smoke meat the right way, smokers need the smokehouse accessories. We have different kind of smokehouse smoke screens which are designed to accommodate every smokers specifications. Double Hold Down Commercial Smokehouse Screen raised twin rail around perimeter holds entire screen several inches under the lugs of pickling vat or cook tank. Smokehouse tree screens / shelves has shelving constructed of heavy duty rods. Each wire is welded where it crosses over another wire and all wires are welded to frame. No protrusions to cut hands or snag product. Smokehouse Premium Net is designed to replace costly metal screens traditionally used for smoking and drying meats, fruits and vegetables; We also sell the Stainless Steel Smoke Screen Wash-n-Store an all stainless steel, four swivel wheels with drain plug. This makes it easier to clean and store smoke screens. We have different selection of smoke trucks starting with Standard Style Smoke House Truck. This is an all stainless steel truck especially designed for use with Flavor Cook Smokehouses. Smokehouse Economy Smoke Trucks holds up to 9 smoke sticks per shelf. This is designed to handle both screens and sticks. Smokehouse Semi-Nesting Smoke Truck a heavy duty all stainless steel smokehouse truck; 1 1/2" sq. tubular frame with smokestick supports spaced 13" apart vertically. Angles are embossed 3/16" high along entire length on 2" centers, angles also available without embossing. All welded construction. 6" casters, 2 rigid, 2 swivels; Standard size for 42" smokesticks. We have a wide selection of smokesticks, around 42” length standard. It comes in heavy stainless steel or aluminum. The Stainless Steel Smokestick Wash Tank wash and store smokesticks in the portable smokestick wash tank. It features a drain plug for easy clean-up and for locking swivel casters.