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Gas Flush Packaging

MPBS Industries offers 11 products of gas flush packaging. Compare between VT 400 and VT 570, both of them have vacuum and gas flush capabilities but the VT 570 has the semi-automatic operation system. The 25VGT is the table-top machine for packing of food stuffing plastic container with modified atmosphere packaging. It is easy mold change and fast, film rewinding automatic and 9 programs to store in the control panel. Machine Reetray 20 (20VGT, 20VGM) configured as a table top model is for MAP (vacuum & gas) operation and is equipped with different vacuum pump. Reeclose 250 is a new machine based on an innovation concept of multi-packing: sealing and MAP packing plus fastening on trays of semi-hermetic lid, or double process of packing in SKIN and MAP with trays mono or multi-compartment. The biggest semiautomatic machine in the market, allows to pack big container in modified atmosphere packaging. It is able to pack trays with a maximum dimension of 590 x 390 mm or 285 x 390 mm. Please feel free to contact our professional sales and service staff to answer any questions you have.