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Cup or Tray Sealers

MPBS Industries offers the top 4 cup or tray sealer: 32S tray sealer, 25SXT semi automatic tray sealer, 25FGT semi automatic tray sealer with gas flush, and 25S tray sealer. Compare with the original 25SXT sealer, the other three sealers have their individual unique conditions. 32S is a tray sealer machine studied for small packing units. The machine has a professional sealing automatic system which allows an excellent hermetic seal with ease. The 25FGT with gas flushing packs with inert gas without vacuum process. It is faster and have oxygen residual approx 1%. Ideal for packaging of fresh meat with short shell-life. Reeseal 25 S is a tray sealer machine for small packing units such as grocery stores, supermarkets, fast food shop, meals on wheels etc. This machine is equipped with an automatic system to seal any kind of trays allowing an excellent hermetic seal with the best ease of use. Machine operation needs only a power supply. Tool changeover is fast and easy. Please feel free to contact our professional sales and service staff to answer any questions you have.