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Steel It Heat Resistant

Steel-It "High Temperature" aerosols are formulated to resist the corrosion which normally destroys items exposed to excessive temperatures.

The silicone resin of Steel-It "High Temperature" combines with type 316L high leafing stainless steel flake to create a corrosion-resistant layer of protection. When applied the stainless steel flakes rise to the surface of the coating, forming a layer of tough durable metal, while the silicone resin protects the object underneath.

The silicone resin Steel-It "High-Temperature" provides up to 1200 deg F and is used successfully to extend the life of boilers, mufflers, grills, piping, barbecues and engines.

The excellent heat conductivity of the pigment permits dissipation of heat, preventing buildup in the coating which can cause early film deterioration.