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CutmasterCM300BC Stainless Steel Bowl Cutter with Hydraulic Unloader

CutmasterCM300BC Stainless Steel Bowl Cutter with Hydraulic Unloader

Catalog No.: 2405
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1 Year limited warranty

This bowl cutter is engineered in our Europe manufacturing facility and is made of AISI-304 stainless steel.

Special feature includes:
Hydraulic lid opening
Hydraulic unloader
Buggy loader

IP65 Digital control panel
Emergency stop switch
Anti-noise cover
Knives speed: 1500 - 3000 RPM
Bowl speed: 8.5 - 17 RPM
Bowl capacity: 300 Liters
2 Inverse mixing speeds (150 and 350 RPM)
6 Cutting speeds (until the maximum indicated speed)
Bowl drain plug for cleaning

Bowl capacity is determined by the product weight and if it is a flowable product (lots of liquid) or a much denser product like meat or cheese. You can usually use 75% of the bowl capacity. 300lrt x 75% = 225ltr. The average weight of a liter of meat is 2lbs x 225ltr = 500lbs batches.

Most companies process 3-4 batches per hour

6 Knives with spacers (Maximum allowed: 10 Knives)

2 Speed Knife motor: 100 HP
2 Speed Bowl motor: 4 HP
Hydraulic unloader motor: 4 HP

Overall dimensions: 132" L x 75" W x 112" H (3350 x 1900 x 2800mm)

Overall weight: 8,100 lbs (3,650 kg)

Machine constructed according to the European Directive 2006/42/CE.


Additional knives and spacers
Hydraulic loader
Electronic thermometer
Tachometer lap account


Cutmaster CM200BC Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper - Boneless Meat Demo
Cutmaster CM200BC Bowl Chopper - Boneless Meat Demo