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Talsak120v Bowl Chopper with Unloader

Talsak120v Bowl Chopper with Unloader

Catalog No.: 1924
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Bowl cutters, bowl choppers and buffalo choppers are all the same machine. Bowl cutters are used primarily to chop or emulsify various meats, cheeses, vegetables, nuts and fish.


Quick and professional emulsifier
Motorized lid: raises and lowers with the touch of a button
Automatic unloader
3 Independent motors : Knives, bowl and unloader
Entirely solid all stainless steel construction
Heavy Duty cast stainless steel bowl
24 V water resistant control panel
Automatic knife brake
Motor thermal protection relays
Removable 6-knife head and compensating rings to install 3 knives
Digital mixture thermometer
Folding plastic anti-noise cover with automatic knife speed reduction when opened
Easy cleaning

Bowl volume: 120 liter
Meat bowl capacity: Approximately 220 lbs

Motors and Voltage:
Knife motor: Variable Speed 40HP
Bowl Motor: 2-Speed 2HP
Unloader Motor: 2Hp
Voltage: 460V / 60Hz / 3Ph

Knife speed: 1000 to 3600 RPM
Knife slow mixing speed forward/reverse: 92 RPM

Dimensions and Weight:
Overall: 92" L x 54" W x 54" H
With lid up dimensions: 92" L x 65" W x 82"H
Net weight: +/- 3450 lbs.


Talsa k120v Bowl Chopper with Unloader - Ginger Root Demo

K120v Bowl Chopper - Ginger Root Demo - 323-268-8514 from MPBS Industries on Vimeo.

Talsa k120v Bowl Chopper Cheese Demo