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Marinating Vacuum Tumblers

Marinating Vacuum Tumblers also known as Vacuum Massagers are use for marinating meat products such as beef, chicken, pork, seafood products. Vacuum Tumblers resemble in principle a drum concrete mixer. A rotating drum with steel paddles inside slowly moves the meat pieces thus causing a mechanical massaging effect. This mechanical process is assisted by the addition of salt and phosphates to achieve equal brine distribution and liberates muscular protein from the meat tissue (protein extraction). The semi-liquid protein substances join the meat pieces firmly together during later heat treatment. For hygienic reasons it is important to place the tumbler below 10°C to avoid excessive microbial growth during lengthy tumbling times (more then 4 hours or even over night). In specific cases it is recommended that the tumbler should be operated inside a cold room below -1°C, as these temperatures are best to extract as much soluble protein as possible from the muscle meat. We carry both industrial vacuum tumbler and table top vacuum tumblers (recommended for small processors, caterers, and restaurant). We also sell the accessories used with the vacuum massager (ex. stainless steel buggies, storage bins, meat lugs, stainless steel trucks, etc.). The tumblers should be cleaned after every use.