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Refrigiwear Insulated Clothing

Why Choose RefrigiWear?

RefrigiWear, Inc., is the industry’s leading manufacturer of insulated industrial work wear, accessories, and personal protective equipment for use in subzero temperatures, inclement weather, and low-visibility environments.

In every area of our business, we aim to provide the highest quality products at the best value to our customers.

Superior Products

As a manufacturer, our goal is to provide you the best quality at the lowest cost.

Exceptional Quality: All RefrigiWear products meet our stringent quality standards for warmth, safety, and durability, based on our 55 years of industry experience.

Assortment: RefrigiWear offers a wide range of specialized products for all different environments and temperatures. From -50º to +50º, whether in a temperature-controlled warehouse or outside facing inclement conditions, RefrigiWear has a product line designed for you.

Made in U.S.A.: RefrigiWear’s sewing operators in our Dahlonega factory have over 800 years of sewing experience combined. We continue to sew many of our garments in our Dahlonega factory, and those garments sewn in other locations have to meet our rigorous standards for our Dahlonega factory.

Commitment to Safety Standards: Our products are intended to protect workers and perishable products in some of the harshest environments. RefrigiWear’s safety garments, footwear, and WeatherGuard™ products are tested by outside experts to ensure they meet, and in most cases far exceed, industry safety standards.

Since 1954, RefrigiWear has been committed to Quality, Performance, and Reliability. Our founder, Myron Breakstone demanded a standard of excellence that will never be compromised.

We understand that the customer defines quality. To consistently exceed customer expectations, we challenge our dedicated employees and loyal suppliers to continuous improvements of every product, process and service. We promise to aggressively protect the reputation of RefrigiWear as the industry leader in quality.