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TalsaW114L Floor Stand Grinder

TalsaW114L Floor Stand Grinder

Catalog No.: 1920
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All stainless steel construction
Removable stainless steel head, feed screw, and ring
Lubricated metallic gearbox
Sealed base
Thermally protected motor
Safety switch under tray

1 Set of Single (Enterprise) cutting system
(1x) Knife
(1x) 3/16" Plate

Feed stomper
Worm extraction wrench
Operation manual and parts list

+/-2,000-2,600 lbs/h (900-1200 kg/h) depending on plate size
Large 75 lbs feed pan / tray with CE hand guard
Direct Drive Motor: 5 HP (no belts or chains to replace or service)

Voltage: 220V - 60Hrz - 3Ph

Width: 25"
Length: 38"
Height: 42"

Weight: 250 lbs

CE Certified


Plate size: 5/16"

1 Set of 3 (Unger) cutting system
(1x) Double knife
(1x) Kidney plate
(1x) 3/16" Plate
(1x) ¾" Compensating ring

1 Set of 5 (Unger) cutting system
(2x) Double knife
(1x) Kidney plate
(1x) 3/16" Plate
(1x) 3/32" Plate
(1x) ¾" Compensating ring
(1x) 2-1/8" Compensating ring


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