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Map Tray Lidding Tray Sealing Machines

Our company MPBS Industries has 2 segments under our map tray lidding tray sealing machines: semi-automatic map cup or tray sealer and automatic map cup or tray sealer. The semi-automatic productions has highly integrated package machine with tray sealing, product filling area, gas flushing and die cutting. Reduce the risk of contacting insanitary source. The automatic machine in the range of sealing preformed trays available with vacuum and MAP system devices. The 150 map/skinpack deigned for medium industrial purposes, packaging in line from 1 to 3 according tray dimensions. The difference between 150 MAP and 150 MAP/SKINPACK is it can packaging in line from 1 to 4. Reclose 200 is the medium size of the range. Production output is from 20 up to 80 tray/minute according to the kind of process and tray format size. Reeflex & Reemativ 250 has the twin chamber for the highest production output. The twin chambers permit to have from 2 to 8 trays in the die set. Please feel free to contact our professional sales and service staff to answer any questions you have.