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Butcher Boy500 Meat Mixer Blender

Butcher Boy500 Meat Mixer Blender

Catalog No.: 1868
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Stainless steel construction:
Mixing paddle assembly
Fabricated of non-magnetic stainless steel

Installed in enclosure
Magnetic with 24 volt control circuit Automatic rest overload protection
Machine electrical lock out switch provided
Over current protection to be installed by user

Start and stop control
Two hands needed to unload product with tub in tilt position

Stainless steel tub:
Dims.: 24" W x 36" L x 30" D
Tub tilts to right or left for unloading (specify unloading directions with order) Unloading position is 27" from floor
Tub capacity: 400 lb depending on product
Stainless steel mixing paddle assembly: Fabricated in one unit
Easily removable for cleaning

Stainless steel safety lid:
Stainless steel easily opened and closed Serves double purpose:
prevents spilling and automatically shuts off motor when opened
Mixer will not operate in upright position unless lid is closed
Seasoning can be added while mixing, thru view holes in lid

230/460V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø
Heavy duty 3 HP
TEFC motor conforms to NEMA specification Motor and drive totally enclosed in cabinet

O/A dims.: 34¾ W x 62 L x 65½ H (with lid up 89”)
Gear reduction: Heavy-duty permanently lubricated helical/worm reduction

Operating instructions and parts list

Mixer manufactured with UL listed components to USDA standards


12" Height extension
Pneumatic lid


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