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German KnifeGS 12A Automatic Deli Slicer

German KnifeGS 12A Automatic Deli Slicer

Catalog No.: 0863
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Gravity feed, 45 degree angle
Stainless steel receiving plate and contact area
Oil lubrication system on top and bottom slide shaft
Ergonomic style chute handle
Heavy stainless steel end weight
Top mount precision wheel knife sharpener
Safe knife cleaning

Slice thickness adjustment (tissue thin - 1" thick)
9-Speed chute drive, 20 to 60 strokes/minute
Knife diameter: 12"
O/A dims.: 25.6 W x 23.4 D x 27.4" H

Gear driven knife motor
Self lubricated worm gears
Electronic control panel

Electrical: 115V / 60 Hz / 1 Ø
1/2 HP Knife motor
1/8 HP Chute motor
Stainless steel knife made in Germany

Weight: 173 lb
Shipping weight: 220 lb