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GesameMH-100N Meatball Hamburger Former

GesameMH-100N Meatball Hamburger Former

Catalog No.: 2090
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Production burgers up to 130mm in diameter and 30mm thick
Approximate production per hour: 1,800 burgers or 3,600 meatballs
Equipped with a speed controller
Safety micro switch on the lid
and on the dispenser plate
Motor: 0.50 HP
Power supply: Single phase
Low voltage movement (24v)
Tank capacity: 24 liters
O/A dims.: 16 W x 21 L x 30” H (406 x 533 x 762mm)
Weight:165 lb (74 kg)

CE certificate

The dispensers can also be used to make meatballs, cannelloni, croquettes and any made to measure shape.

Its practical design makes it quick and easy to assemble and dismantle, thereby simplifying the cleaning process, and reducing this to less than 5 minutes.

Gesame's MH series dispensers are the ideal solution for butchers, pork butchers and food industries wishing to speed up the production process.


Hopper for continuous filling

Extra Standard Plates for Meatballs & Burgers

Croquettes, cannelloni and custom designed plates are available

Standard plates:
Round burgers: 2.56 / 3.94 / 4.53 / 5.12”
Meatballs: 0.87 / 1.26 / 1.57”

Special plates:
Oval burgers: 4.33 x 3.15”
Croquettes: 1.97 x 0.98”
Cannelloni: 2.76 x 0.98”
Customized plates available upon request


Gesame MH100N Hamburger Meatball Machine Tuna Slider Demo
Gesame MH100N Hamburger Machine - Salmon Slider Demo
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Gesame MH-100 Patty Former - Gel Product 70 deg F - 8 oz demo
MH-100 Gel Product at 70 deg F Demo
Gesame MH-100 Gel Product Demo
Gesame Tempered Ground Salmon Demo
Gesame MH-100N Patty Former 20 lbs Fresh Ground Beef Demo
Gesame MH-100 Meatball Machine Demo with 40mm Mould Plate
Gesame MH-100 Turkey Balls Demo - 323-268-8514
Gesame MH-100 Cookie Dough Demo
Gesame MH-100 Patty Former - Mushroom Burger Demo
Gesame MH Series Meatball and Hamburger Patty Machines
Gesame MH Series Maquina de Formadora de Albondigas y Hamburguesa
Gesame MH 100 Hamburger Patty and Meatball Machines - 323-268-8514
Gesame MH 100 Maquina de Formadora de Albondigas y Hamburguesa - 323-268-8514
Gesame Hamburger Meatball Former 323-268-8514
Gesame Hamburger Meatball Former Safety and Maintenance 323-268-8514
Gesame Hamburger Former Demo 323-268-8514