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MPBS Industries1-64 Single Piston Filler

MPBS Industries1-64 Single Piston Filler

Catalog No.: 1808
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Stainless steel construction with all contact parts of food-approved materials
Fills from fraction of an ounce to 64 ounces per piston with change cylinders
Easier to use 18” height adjustment
Lift-Off metering piston for rapid sanitizing
Redesigned pneumatic system
Pneumatic dump system with interlocked enhanced operator friendly safety cover
Air powered – consult factory for compressed air requirements
Locking swivel casters

USDA and AG Canada/CFIA approved

Conical (12 – 20 gallon) hopper
U shaped agitated blending hopper
Low-boy with or without hopper
Vertical pump
Automatic and semi-automatic controls
Level probes
Depressor agitators

Spout options:
Hand held spout
Rotary shut-off spout
Vertical shut-off spout with blow-off
Ring cake shut-off spout
Horizontal shut-off spout

The 1-64 Single Piston Filler are the classic workhorses of the baking and food processing industry. They are easy to clean and operate. Large port openings permits filling of chunky ingredients without crushing.

This machine reduced cost with accurate filling and depositing into trays, bottles, cans, pouches, or when targeted onto products.

Partial Product List: jams &jellies, pie fillings, cake batters, flowable dough's, fruit cake batters, fruit puree, mayonnaise, salad dressings, potato salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, burrito fillings, stews, soups &sauces, relish, mustard, ketchup, caramel, cream topping, salsa, chili, baked beans, dips &spreads, shampoo, creams &lotions, hot or cold products.