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MPBS Industries200 Vacuum Tumblers

MPBS Industries200 Vacuum Tumblers

Catalog No.: 0005
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MPBS 200 Vacuum Tumblers


Stainless steel construction
Overall dims.: 47" x 27" x 35"
Stainless steel drum capacity: 40 gallons (150 liters) or 200 lb
Vacuum pump capacity: Maximum vacuum 26 hg
Drum speed range: 1 – 9 RPM
Timer control: Standard Timer 99 hour 59 min (adjustable)
Motors: Variable speed motor: ¼ HP, 4.6 amps
Vacuum pump motor: 1/20 HP, 1.55 amps
Electrical: 115 V / 60 Hz / 1 Ø

Options: Intermittent timer,electrical

Massage tumblers are used by meat processors throughout the world to add value to their product, and to produce a more desirable product for consumers. Tumbling meats can add flavor, water, and cure to the product. Tumbling also make the product more tender; Benefits of the MPBS 200 Vacuum Tumbler aka Vacuum Massager: Even distribution of cure and seasoning, consistent salt levels throughout the product, reduced labor cost over soaking and rubbing method, reduced cure cost-No brine is being dumped down the drain, reduced sawdust cost-Product takes smoke better, free up extra cooler space by reducing marinating and soaking time, energy savings from reduced cooling and smoking time, reduced inventory, faster inventory turnover, reduced product cost, reduced shrinkage, improved cost control, added value to the product, overall improved quality of products; Benefits to customers: More tender product, more moist product, enhanced flavor from less purge and less cooking loss, fresher taste, improved appearance (more consistent color), even salt levels throughout the product.

Made in the USA