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MPBS Industries500VVB Vertical Vacuum Blender Mixer

MPBS Industries500VVB Vertical Vacuum Blender Mixer

Catalog No.: 2408
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Stainless steel construction
Tank cover made of clear acrylic

The design of the vacuum blender is a vertical, cylindrical shaped tank with paddles that conform to the shape of the tank maximizing the thoroughness of the ingredients being mixed.

The vacuum draws the liquids and other ingredients into the product faster and more thoroughly than non-vacuum blenders. The vacuum also draws the air out of the product which increases its density and can assist in extending product's shelf life.

Tank (tilting function)
Paddle shaft

Vacuum regulator: Adjustable from 0 to higher vacuum
Rotary vane vacuum pump
On/Off lockout/tagout switch
Water trap

Hygiene: The paddles and shaft are easy to remove for thorough cleaning and sanitation.

Analog control panel:
Total time
Mixing time (forward and/or reverse)
Rest time
Continuous vacuum, no vacuum, lung effect switch
Vacuum gauge
Unloading button
Tilting button

Emergency stop switch

Tank capacity +/-: 350 liters (500 lbs average batch sizes)
Tank size +/-: 35 x 32"
Speed: 1500 RPM
Motor: 9 HP
Voltage: 220V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø
O/A dims. +/-: 78 L x 64 W x 68" H (2000 x 1630 x 1750mm)

Machine weight +/-: 2,100 lbs
Shipping weight +/-: 2,645.5 lbs


Special paddles for both mixing and massaging (large pieces of meat and boned hams)
Digital control panel
Liquid ring vacuum pump
Digital temperature control
Automatic paddle and tank (inside) cleaning system
Automatic unloading (pumping system)


MPBS 500VVB Vertical Vacuum Blender-Mixer