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Pro-SlicePCE 70-25 ES Horizontal Slicer

Pro-SlicePCE 70-25 ES Horizontal Slicer

Catalog No.: 0954
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Stainless steel construction
O/A dimensions (LxWxH): 1925 x 950 x 1420mm (76 x 37 x 56")
Length with conveyor: +/- 2990mm (117")
Max in length: +/- 700mm (27.5")
Cross section (WxH): +/- 250 x 240mm (9.8 x 9.4")
Slice thickness: +/- 1 - 700mm (0.03 - 27.5")
Single blade max. slices/minute: +/- 220/min
Double blade max. slices/minute (optional): +/- 440/min
Include: Single blade
Microprocessor controlled
Distribution of the remaining slice
Automatic return limiter
100 storeable programs
Feed control selectively
Continuous or step by step
Slicing up to 3 different sections
Groups from 1-99 pcs
Electrical: 220V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø
Slices and portions: fresh, frozen or slightly frozen meat (up to -4°C)
Highest safety standard
Adjustable gripper
Precise portioning
Smooth surfaces
Quick and easy cleaning

Designed for supermarkets, medium sized butcher shop and meat processing companies
Products: meat, meat rolls, pork chops, bacon, roast, sausage, cheese

Weight: 450 kg


Out-feed conveyor belt
Double blade
Stainless steel flaps
Automatic flap opening
Pneumatic gripper and ejector

Shindling mode (Shingling & separation of products in conjunction with conveyor belt)

Reinforced drive for bone-in beef products (example T-bone steaks)

Various variants for different product profiles and length

Serrated and other smooth blades available. Ask your sales person for updated cost


Pro-Slice Horizontal Slicers