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Pro-SlicePCE 70-36 ES Horizontal Portion Slicer

Pro-SlicePCE 70-36 ES Horizontal Portion Slicer

Catalog No.: 1014
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Stainless steel construction
Equal distribution of products according to the number of slices
100 storable programs
Slicing software for cutting in section
Up to 5 different slice thickness
Shorter cycles through automatic return limiter
Capacity (Single blade): 220 slices/min
Slice thickness: +/- 1 - 700mm (0.04 - 27.5")
Maximum input length: +/- 1100mm (43.30")
Cross section (WxH): +/- 360 x 220mm (14 x 8.6")
O/A dimensions (LxWxH): +/- 1925 x 1175 x 1450mm (76 x 46 x 57")
With conveyor Length: +/- 2990mm (117")
Electrical: 400V / 4.5 kW
Highest safety standard
Adjustable gripper
Forward feed mode
Step by step
Precise portioning
Smooth surfaces
Quick and easy cleaning
Slices and portions: fresh, frozen or slightly frozen meat (up to -4°C)

Designed for supermarkets and medium sized butcher shop
Products: meat, meat rolls, pork chops, bacon, roast, sausage, cheese

Weight: 500 kg


Conveyor belt (when added, casters on the slicers are taken out)
Stainless steel flaps
Automatic flap opening
Pneumatic gripper and ejector

Shindling mode (Shingling & separation of products in conjunction with conveyor belt)

Various variants for different product profiles and length

Serrated and other smooth blades available. Ask your sales person for updated cost


Pro-Slice PCE 70-36 ES Horizontal Meat Slicer - Frozen Beef Block Demo II
Pro-Slice PCE 70-36 ES Horizontal Portion Slicer - Frozen Beef Block Demo
Pro-Slice PCE 70-36 Horizontal Slicer Turkey Breast Demo
Pro-Slice PCE 70 36 ESB Horizontal Portion Slicer - Tempered Beef Demo 323-268-8514
Pro-Slice 70-36 ES Horizontal Portion Slicer with Conveyor - Roast Beef Demo