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ReepackReeBasic MAP Automatic Tray Sealer

ReepackReeBasic MAP Automatic Tray Sealer

Catalog No.: 1638
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Stainless steel construction
O/A dimensions: 100” L x 36” W x 64” H (2560 x 905 x 1630 mm)
In-feed conveyor length: 52” (1330 mm)
Length free loading area: 25” (630 mm)
No. of trays to load: 1
Height free loading area: from 35” up to 36” (900 up to 920 mm)
Tray Out-feed conveyor: Standard
Microprocessor Control
Voltage: 400 V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø
Digital control
Power: 6.3 kW, 16.6 amps
Coated sealing plate
Cutting unit device according to tray profile

ReeBasic Modified Atmosphere Packaging Automatic Tray Sealers process:
Vac Pump 40 m³/h - from 2 to 4 cycles / min

Cycle speed depending on:
Material quality of tray and film web
Tray size
Product to pack
General machine configuration

Full automatic Vacuum & Gas Machine for pre-formed trays, no compressed air needed
Compact, flexible, easy to clean, belt system for tray discharge provided
Dimensions, low maintenance, stainless steal realization and reliability make this unit ideal for small and medium size productions

Only sealing: from 6 up to 8 cycle / min.


ReeBasic MAP Automatic Tray Sealer