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SiaEMB 4002 D Continuous Hydraulic Vacuum Stuffers

SiaEMB 4002 D Continuous Hydraulic Vacuum Stuffers

Catalog No.: 2042
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Stainless steel construction
Continuous hydraulic vacuum filler
Production speed: 4600 kg per hour
Adjustable vacuum 0 to 95%
Highly accurate electronic portioning
Able to produce between 10 grams to 10 kg either as single portions or continuous
Variable time delay between each portion
Clipper connection
Fills out all types of paste into casing or container

Capacity: 270 liters
Tilts for easy cleaning

Digital control board
Set up to 10 programs
Digital display system
Preset parameters:
Working system
Weight portion
Pause between portions
Number of twist per link
Compensation for first portion
Time adjustment between portion and twist

Your choice of Vanes Series
6 Vanes rotor (3 double vanes)
8 Vanes rotor (4 double vanes)

4 Stainless steel funnels
1 Set of tooling kit

RET-014 Twister
Easily adjusted number of link (1 to 10 turns depending on the product weight, number of turns and diameter of the funnel)
Two funnels (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 25 and 28mm)

RMM-014 Mechanical Hand
2 Guide-brake sets

ELE-300 Column dumper
Vertical function
400 lb buggies standard

ELE-300 H Column Dumper
400 lb buggies standard
Front Stair-Platform

Sia Coupling Platform

Spare parts kit