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SiaEvolution Continuous Electric Vacuum Filler-Stuffer

SiaEvolution Continuous Electric Vacuum Filler-Stuffer

Catalog No.: 2039
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With 6 vanes rotor (3 doubles vanes)
8 vanes rotor (4 doubles vanes)
Hoppers of 90 lts, 120 lts and 200 lts
Continuous vacuum filler/stuffer by a diametrical vanes
Complete vacuum installation
Electronic Control
Filling servomotor and reducer of orthogonal gears of high accuracy
Low electrical consumption
Stainless steel
Vane series (to choose among three or four double vanes)
For all types of automatic clippers
Control through the motor regulator with an incorporated PLC
10" tactile frontal screen
Low acoustic level
Hoppers of 90, 120 or 200 liters capacity


Mechanical column lifter/Elevator, ELE-300 vertical functioning
Inox Fixed to the floor by means of a platform and anchor bolts for standard wagons of 200 lts

Sia coupling platform for the ELE-300 Lifter/Elevator adaptation and fixation to the filler/stuffer, with stairs and platform to the hopper

Sia Twister, RET-014 model (with 2 funnels with diameter to be chosen)
Sia mechanical hand, RMM-014 model (with 2 guide-brake sets)