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Steel It CoatingPolyurethane Finish Quarts #1002Q

Steel It CoatingPolyurethane Finish Quarts #1002Q

Catalog No.: 80118
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Solvent based coatings
Color: Metallic
Sheen: Low gloss
Total solids: 49% (by weight), 28% (by volume)
Weight per gallon: 9.4 lb
Shelf life: 1 year
Approximately 150 sq ft coverage per gallon at 3.0 dry mil
Apply only when surface and ambient temperatures are above 40° F
Relative humidity must be less than 86%
Surface temperature must be at least 5° F above dew point
Recommended for Surfaces where operating temperatures will not exceed 200° F
Dry to touch in 2 hours and should be recoated within 24 hours
Lustrous, long-lasting stainless steel finish
Resists weather, grime, corrosion
Extends life of almost any surface
Brilliant, durable, stainless steel protection for metal, wood, plaster, marine and industrial surfaces


How to Apply STEEL-IT Polyurethane in Motorsports Applications