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Batter Breader Line

MPBS Industries provides variously automated batter breading and forming machines to prepare a wide variety of products such as hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, meatballs and fish sticks for the medium size processors and restaurants. MPBS Industries uses automated batter breading and forming machines instead of hand-breading in order to limit labor and ingredient costs. The 400 batter machines used before proceeding to breading and predusting. After using 400 automatic batter machine, number of 400 and 600 preduster machines, 400 breading machine, 600 batter machine, and the 200 patty forming batter breader line will help to coats the bottom of products with a layer of flour on the conveyor belt. Breading machines will be guaranteed when the products are passing through the conveyor belt with evenly coating. Please feel free to contact our professional sales and service staff to answer any questions you have.