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Inject-O-Mat16 Brine Injectors

Inject-O-Mat16 Brine Injectors

Catalog No.: 1901
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Stainless steel construction
Stainless steel brine tank
Centrifugal brine pump
Variable speed motor drive
Variable speed needle head operates up to 50 strokes per minute
Control panel
Easy to read and operate
Easy to clean with removable injection head
Easy to replace needles
Closed brine circulation system
16 Stainless steel injection needles
Motor 0.75 kW
Brine pump power: 0.75 kW
Speed: 72 strokes/min
Belt width: 12" (305mm)
Product clearance: 8" (203mm)
Pressure rating: 0
Brine tank capacity: 60 L (16 gal)
Overall size: 55" L x 29" W x 67" H (1385 x 728 x 1744 mm)

Ideal for: Fish, seafood, bacon, ham, beef, and/or poultry applications

Consists of triple filtration system, which includes a portable stainless steel brine tank and mixer motor helps keep the brine &needles clear

Options: Tenderized knife set available


Inject-O-Mat Brine Injectors - Pork Demo
Inject-O-Mat Brine Injector - Salmon Demo
Inject-O-Mat Marinating Brine Injector - Boneless Beef Demo
Inject O Mat Marinating Brine Injector