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Bandsaw Blades Band Length: 125.5

Bandsaw Blades Band Length: 125.5

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4 TPI, .025 41757 Ask for quote
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Bandsaw Blades Band Length: 125 1/2"; 4 TPI, .025" thick (Minimum 5 or 6 blades per box). Bandsaw Blades are use for straight, fast portion control cutting of beef, fish, poultry, pork or lamb; Closely-controlled set and unique tooth shape cut with minimum slice and less waste; Choose 4 tooth band for optimum finish on boneless products, processed meats, cheeses and very soft bone material such as chicken; Slices smoothly and quickly, leaving no residual chips or waste; Choose 3 tooth band for bone-in products; Narrower, thinner blades are used for vacuum packing and ham bone cutting; Fine-toothed blade leaves less bone splinters to puncture film wrap; Use wider blades for maximum productivity when cutting whole hams or thicker product; Use in heavy-duty or high-volume packing operations; Gives superb product appearance and can double as a slicer; .014” thick band saw blades are use when waste is the primary concern; This band is specially designed for frozen fish blocks and boneless products; .016” bandsaw blades is slightly thicker version; It slices frozen fish blocks, boneless and light bone-in portion control cutting quickly and cleanly with minimum waste; .035” thick bandsaw blades features features wider blades for maximum productivity; Most bandsaw blades are available in sizes .020”, .022”, .022” scalloped edge, .025”, .032” thick; Band saw blades not listed here are available through special order.


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