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A.Lorenzo Barroso SASK4-90 Semi Automatic Double Clipper

A.Lorenzo Barroso SASK4-90 Semi Automatic Double Clipper

Catalog No.: 2266
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O/A dims.: 93 D x 117 W x 163-190cm
Operating pressure (bar): 6
Average air consumption (litres/cycle): 7.8
Electrical: 230V / 60 Hz

High-speed machine for closing natural or artificial casing sausages with aluminum clips
Electro-pneumatic, by means of a PLC
Computer-controlled, it can be used for a wide range of products by controlling different parameters and options
Manually controlled operation (casing collector)

After inserting the casing into the filling tube and closing the left end by manually lowering the casing collector, it double-clips and cuts the casing between the two clips.

The components are rust-proof and made from stainless steel. They have been treated using special hardening processes and the surface finish is smooth, which makes them suitable for use in the demanding and damp environments in which this type of machine is normally used.

Front loop guide mechanism
String feeder mechanism
Clip feeder wheels
Clip guide feeder

It operates connected to a portioning or non-portioning sausage filling machine and is capable of closing a wide variety of sausages and casings up to approximately 90mm in diameter, depending on the product type (please consult).


Sia Junior and Lorenzo Barroso SK4-90 Double Clipper - Operating Demo
SK4-90 Semi-Automatic Double Clipper - Ground Beef Demo
Double Clipper - Ground Beef - Chub Packaging Demo