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Sia SL

Description of the vanes system

SIA demonstrated in 1982 its position in the vanguard of the sector by developing, with the help of the suggestions of its clients, the diametrical vanes system. This system is nowadays recognized as the most effective in the market and it has also prevailed over the eccentric with radial pallet system.

The meat pump consists of a SIA vanes system where it turns a rotor with pallets that transfers, the paste gently and through the shorter distance (than any other continuous filler machine in the market), any type of paste, no matter how delicate is it.

Paste subject to an adjustable vacuum atmosphere for its entire passage that allows it to be de-aerated, resulting in improved quality, texture, and color. It also extends its commercial life.

The assembly is operated entirely by hydraulic pressure (except Junior model), with electromechanical operation resulting in a smooth running, with no vibrations. The machines are made of the best quality stainless steel and hardened chrome alloys that, together with diametrical vanes, results in a long life for the entire assembly.


The vacuum pump is fitted within the machines and provides an adjustable vacuum depending on the type of paste. A protector filter is placed inside the vacuum chamber to ensure that no product or paste ever enter the pump.

Feeding Unit

Sia, once again in vanguard, developed in 1987 a new feeding system (sausage contamination, inaccessible corners when cleaning... etc). This new system can be completely dismantled and have no joints, getting a perfect and complete cleaning of the whole elements, with neither stagnations nor food fermentations of the paste.


By tilting the hopper back all parts in contact with the paste are easily accessible and easy detachable ensuring a perfect cleaning process. The machine and all its parts can be water pressure washed if required.